Why own an original Maui Xaphoon®?

  • It will bring you JOY - Imagine bringing a smile to people wherever you are - at a bus stop, in a cave, waiting in line, even a parking garage!
  • It can be with you ALWAYS - A true portable instrument that can be carried everywhere - in your pocket, backpack, even up your sleeve.
  • It will TURN HEADS - The Xaphoon® sounds two octaves lower than conventional flutes of the same length. Play it in an acoustic space and it will sound like a saxophone. Make friends while making spiritual music!
  • Each handmade Xaphoon® is a Work of Art that you will cherish forever.
  • Xaphoons make Great Gifts for that talented musician in your life!

The original Maui Xaphoons® also sound better and have better tuning than the illegal copies you may find online.  Do not be fooled - support the creator and own a classic original!