Xaphoon Sheet Music

Special thanks to Xaphoon enthusiast Larry Kuhns for creating this Xaphoon-specific sheet music!


The goal of this song book is to provide a collection of well known songs to assist the new Xaphoon player in learning this wonderful instrument. The collection contains songs that range from easy to advanced. The Table Of Contents below lists the songs in the order of increasing difficulty. Included with each song are Xaphoon fingering diagrams for each note, standard music notation, lyrics and piano/guitar chord names (see Figure 1). At the end of the song is a summary of the Xaphoon fingerings for all notes used in the song. This is provided as a quick review of all fingerings found in the song. New players are advised to practice playing all of the notes in the note summary prior to playing the song.

The songs have been carefully selected to include all notes in the lower 1-1/2 octaves of the Xaphoon range, including most accidentals (sharps and flats).  

  • Chord names and lyrics are included.
  • All sheet music written for "C" Xaphoon.

We hope you find these sheet music pages helpful in learning to play the Xaphoon. With practice, you'll quickly find that you will be able to start playing songs by ear without the need for sheet music. Good luck and keep Xaphooning!