"Baile de los morenos" by Belén Algorta.

Gary Friedman gives the worlds shortest demo of the Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax.

Brian Wittman (the Xaphoon's inventor) jams with Mark Stewart in a studio session

This is a wonderful piece from Abaji's album called "Nomad Spirit", played on a "Low G" Xaphoon.

Brian Wittman, creator of the xaphoon, encounters gypsy style jam group at NAMM show in Anaheim! 1/15/10

Christmas medley in a minor mode on a Christmas Green Xaphoon.  Played by Dean Leoni.

Uploaded by Gary Friedman on 2016-02-15.

Xaphoon and Ukulele jam session.  Xaphoon played by Dean Leoni.

The Xaphoon's creator plays freestyle in the home he built overlooking the North face of Maui.

An introduction to the "Xaphoon On My Mind 1" instructional booklet and CD for the Maui Xaphoon and Pocket Sax by the book's creator (and one of the top 10 Xaphoon players in the world). 

The Xaphoon's inventor, Brian Wittman, plays the Xaphoon Pocket Sax with Mark Stewart accompanying on jazz guitar.
The Maui Xaphoon's inventor, Brian Wittman, improvises on the tenor-sax reed instrument, accompanied by the incomparable Mark Stewart.

Played by rmvsintheta

From "Journey of Turtle", a children's play.

Played by Alexander Vinokurov

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Below are 5 .mp3 audio samples of 4 Xaphoons, all recorded in the same studio setup, unaccompanied, for comparison purposes: