The "Bamboo Sax"

Hand-made by the creator


The original "Maui Xaphoon® Bamboo Sax" is hand-made of Bamboo, cut from the rain forests of East Maui by the instrument's creator, Brian Wittman. Click here to see pictures and an incredible video of how they're made. They are available in the keys of C, Bb, D, and low G, and possess a 2-octave, fully chromatic scale (click here for a fingering chart). Available in Regular, "Signature Series", and Custom keys.  

the "Pocket Sax"

Industrial-strength ABS Resin

The Xaphoon® has proven so popular that an injection-molded version called "The Maui Xaphoon® Pocket Sax" was created. Ideal for classrooms or students on a budget, this instrument (available in the key of "C," and in many colors) sounds identical to the original bamboo instruments, retaining all of their richness and versatility.  All of our instruments are sourced and manufactured in the United States. 

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