"It's a Joy Machine!"

Congratulations!  You've discovered the original Maui Xaphoon®.  The Xaphoon® (pronounced "za-foon"), is a sax-like instrument for musicians who want a big sound but don't want to carry a large sax.  The Xaphoon's sound is between a saxophone and a clarinet-- a very deep and rich sound for its size -- and was made to be played whenever the mood strikes.  The experienced player will find the Xaphoon® to be expressive and powerful; the beginner will find it fun and easy, and good practice for other reed instruments.



The inventor of the Maui Xaphoon Bamboo Sax and Maui Xaphoon Pocket Sax shows off the versatility of his musical instrument.

Gumboots (Paul Simon) - Concert features the Pocket Sax at 1:30 and 2:30.  July 1, 2011 in London

Chris Tummings plays Four by Miles Davis on The Maui Xaphoon

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